Post Extraction Information

What should I not do?

Use straws to drink, forcibly spit or rinse, drink carbonated beverages and smoke. Also, do not physically exert yourself for the first 24 hours. Adhering to these guidelines ensures that the extraction site(s) heals properly.

What can I eat?

Shakes, ice cream, eggs, or anything soft. Do not eat anything with small particles, i.e. lentils, rice as they could lodge in the extraction site.

What can I expect when the numbness wears off?

Initially when the numbness first wears off there may be an increase in bleeding for a short period of time. Use the gauze that you have been given by placing it on the extraction site for about 30 minutes. Do not keep changing the gauze – leave it in for the full 30 minutes and then take it out. You may also experience some mild to moderate discomfort that should be alleviated with pain medications. You will either have been given a prescription or told to use an over the counter medication. The type suggested is based on the difficulty and type of extraction.

What if I keep bleeding?

If is normal to expect a small amount of bleeding for the first few hours. To prevent the soiling of your bedding (pillow) you may want to wrap it in a trash bag and use an old pillow case. If bright red bleeding persists, place a tea bag over the extraction site and call the office number (881-7337).

What about my sutures?

If sutures were placed you will have been informed that they either need to be removed within a week following your extractions or they may be dissolvable sutures in which case they will come out by themselves in 5-10 days. In many cases no sutures are used.

What about pain?

You will usually have been given a pain medication that is suitable for the type of extraction done. In most cases you may want to take this medication with food as it can cause stomach upset. If pain persists any longer than 2 days call the office so we can take a look at you.

Do I need to come in for my post-op check up?

On the day following your extraction we usually like to see you for a post-op check to ensure that you are healing properly and no complications have developed. It is a very quick check, but an important one. You will be informed and appointed if this appointment is required.

Lastly, if you suspect that something is not quite right, please call our office immediately. We want to ensure that you heal properly with no complications.