Emergency Care

Fractures - this is usually the result of a traumatic experience, sometimes combined with deep decay that causes the weakened tooth to fracture. Some fractures are very easily repaired by nothing more than a filling, while others may require the use of a crown or onlay for repair. Finally, some fractures may require removal of the tooth because of an unfavorable break below the gum that necessitates such a drastic procedure.

Tooth Aches - these can occur for many different reasons. Some are the result of deep decay, some are gum related and some are because of chronic clenching of one's teeth. There are many other reasons for a tooth ache and it is best determined by your dentist. The treatment will vary based on the primary reason.

Swelling - this occurs usually as a consequence of dental infection. In many instances it is either a tooth or a gum related problem. Initially antibiotics may be used to control the infection and more definitive treatment is then rendered based on the particular reason for the swelling. Swelling can also be related to other "soft tissue" etiologies which can only be determined by a thorough examination. Swelling is not something to be taken lightly as it is a sign that all is not well and immediate attention is required. With prompt and proper care you should be feeling well in short order.

Avulsions - a most disconcerting experience occurs when one's tooth falls out because of a traumatic injury. It is vitally important that the tooth be recovered and stored in a solution of Hank's solution  or minimally have the patient hold the tooth in their mouth till they see us.  This can and should be expected of sports teams that are prone to violent impacts. The success of reimplantation of the tooth is vitally dependent on proper storage methods and length of time out of the mouth (socket). Above all DO NOT SCRUB THE TOOTH. As in anything, prevention is paramount and a good mouthguard will alleviate this from every happening to you or your loved ones.

If you have any of the above problems please feel free to call the numbers provided on this page