I’ve got my temporary veneers/inlays what can I do?

You should try to eat things that do not require you to bite with your front teeth or in any location that the temporary resides. The temporary restorations are either glued or bonded into place and are not as strong as your own teeth or the permanent restorations to come.

What if my temporaries fall off?

Call the office immediately. We will get you in as soon as possible. If this occurs on the weekend you can have Dr. Martinez paged and he will get back to you.

My teeth are slightly sensitive with the temporaries…

This is relatively normal since in many instances the restoration(s) is/are bonded in one spot and there is a chance for some external fluid leakage, i.e. saliva. With inlays it may signify that some of the temporary cement has washed out. If it is particularly bothersome call this office and you may be put on a fluoride rinse to diminish the sensitivity or recement the temporary with new cement. The sensitivity will go away once the restorations are permanently bonded.

My teeth hurt…

This is not normal if it occurs for any longer than 2 days following the preparation appointment. If you have a continual ache or notice increases in temperature and biting sensitivity call the office as soon as possible. We can assess just what might be wrong and get you out of pain.

Will my permanent teeth look like the temporaries?

The temporaries in some instances are modeled after your original teeth and in other cases are modeled after a conceptual model of what your new teeth will look like. But the straight answer is probably not, as there are many factors to deal with that are related to the materials used. The end objective is to get you permanent restorations that look BETTER than what you had. This may require one or more try-ins to get the look we’re trying to achieve.

My permanent restorations are bonded, now what?

Enjoy them! The new ceramic materials are very durable and strong. Yet, just like teeth you need to use some care and caution in what you chew. Don’t chew on pencils/pens or try to open things with your teeth. Biting your fingernails is a no-no. Use common sense and your new restorations should last a very long time. If you have a tendency to clench your teeth I may have suggested the construction of a splint or if you have one wear it nightly.

How do I keep them clean?

Just like you do with your own natural teeth. Use a brush after every meal and floss once daily. Keep in mind that porcelain does not stain over time like your natural teeth do. As time goes on you may consider having your natural teeth bleached to stay matched to your restorations.