Cosmetic dentistry provides you with the options to restore a damaged smile or enhance what nature has given you. Through the use of modern techniques and materials it is now possible to enhance one’s appearance both subtley and dramatically.



Bleaching uses a type of peroxide in a custom made tray that will whiten your teeth in a few short days. The effect is dependent on your original tooth color, but can be very dramatic. Bleaching can be used when teeth are nicely arranged, but have stained through age, coffee/tea or smoking. Even if your teeth aren’t perfectly arranged, bleaching can enhance your appearance by just brightening your smile.



Veneering is a process in which any old fillings, decay, malposed and/or badly broken down teeth are corrected by using a either a porcelain or composite material to cover the defects and enhance your teeth by restoring the broken down areas. The use of porcelain veneers is a two part process in which your teeth are prepared and temporary restorations are placed, followed by a cementation appointment in which the new veneers are bonded into place.

A one part process can be used when using composite (direct bonded) veneers. The advantage to the use of porcelain is its’ strength and color stability. Composite veneers may need replacement because of discoloration and chipping, but are a nice alternative when cost and time are a consideration.

Ceramic Restorations

Ceramic onlay


Ceramic restorations are very similar to the traditional silver filling, but differ in that they provide for great aesthetics and actually restore your tooth to near 90% of it’s original strength. Silver fillings add NO strength to your tooth and merely fill the void created by removal of decay. There are various material types that are used for these restorations, but suffice to say that I will select the one most appropriate for the location and situation.

We use the CEREC technology to create the restorations. Hence, the treatment time is now a one appointment visit. There is a waiting period while the restoration is being produced so bring some work along with your or just sit back and enjoy our music and movie library. The usual time to completion is about 90-120 minutes.