Email is a great way to get a hold of us if you're not in a big rush. I usually check my email every 30 minutes if I'm at my office or at home, otherwise I usually check it at least twice a day.

Janell and Theresa also have email access at their desks and check email throughout the day. If you need to get in touch just leave a message. They'll reply promptly.

Main: 505-881-7337

Fax: 505-881-3972

Dr.'s Mobile 505-280-3373

If you have an emergency you can call any of the above numbers for a response. The main phone has voicemail.  Dr. Martinez also has a cell phone.  Feel free to call. If he does not answer leave a voicemail.  If you do not receive a response within 15 minutes please try again.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you during our working hours.