All About Dentures

Dentures are still a viable alternative to tooth loss, but are now being used in conjunction with implants and retained tooth roots as well. They provide an alternative to an otherwise toothless existence and allow many individuals to chew their food and maintain a proper aesthetic image.

The two primary types of dentures are full dentures which essentially replace all teeth

and a removable partial denture which replaced only those teeth that are missing.



In some cases I will suggest and use special attachments to affix the denture to either retained tooth roots or implants or to remaining teeth. The viability of each alternative is based on individual patient needs.

Even with the best laid plans and execution a denture is still a poor tooth replacement and should not be thought of as such. It lacks the chewing efficiency and in some instances alters taste and sensation. I will do my best to ensure a successful experience, but you should note that wearing success is based largely on your mouth’s configuration and your personal expectations and attitudes.