Insurance Information and Policies


Insurance helps with the expenses of dental care but can be confusing. We can fill out your claim forms right from our office and send them to your insurance company or send them electronically. Each policy is usually a little different, but generally, insurance usually covers about 50- 80% of care after a deductible has been met. Please note that there are usually yearly plan maximums which vary from employer to employer. Pre-authorization for major work will inform us of the amount of your obligation ahead of time, this helps avoid unexpected surprises.

Once we have pre-determined your benefits you will then be informed of your financial responsibility. Your portion will be due at the time of service. If the full amount of your portion does not fit into your current financial scheme our front office staff will be happy to talk to you about alternative methods of payment.

Remember though, that insurance carriers should not and do not dictate your treatment. Your insurance benefits are determined by a contract between your employer and insurance carrier. While we make every effort to ensure that most of your care will be covered under your plan, there may be circumstances where the best course of treatment will not be covered by insurance or may exceed yearly plan limits. If that is the case you will be so informed.

When we have received a payment from your insurance company, any amount that is still due will be billed to you and any amount that is over the expected amount will be refunded to you.