Everlasting Smiles

The science and art of dentistry is on full display here. These are the types of cases that are very rewarding and give back to our patients the smiles and functions that they have been looking for. In many cases the effort is multi-discplinary in nature and may involve different specialists. Those specialists may be orthodontist, oral surgeon, periodontist and even endodontist. 

A very thorough examination is conducted to determine your specific needs. All aspects of both your medical and dental conditions are taken into account. Using all available tools at his disposal, Dr. Martinez then formulates several different treatment options. There is no one way to achieve an end goal and Dr. Martinez will demonstrate the different methods used to restore your smile and function. In some cases further study of your case using models taken during the initial appointment are used to establish a visual representation of what is possible.

Once a treatment plan has been decided upon the scheduling of appointments for the process is then undertaken. The time needed to complete your case is dependent on many factors. In some cases a specialist may be called in to correct periodontal (gum) issues or an orthodontist to correct alignment of teeth. In others we may require the aid of an oral surgeon in placement of implants. And in some a combination of all of those specialists. Dr. Martinez is the quarterback who coordinates and directs these specialists. Think of the specialists as creating the basis for which Dr. Martinez places his restorations.  In the end, you will always return to our office for completion of the work by Dr. Martinez.

In all cases one of the most important factors is how healthy your tissues and bone are to the longevity of the work placed. To aid in that our hygienists are well versed in ensuring your continued dental health. To keep your investment we always recommend regular cleanings and exams. It's the cornerstone of your dental health. 

Dr. Martinez's experience and continued efforts to keep himself abreast of new methods and technologies ensures that you receive the best care possible. Call our office for a consultation today.